Mere Pseud Mag Ed.

Op-Ed Columns from The New Puritan ReView
NYC / Tampa FL / Minneapolis, MN
and maybe a few points in between
1984 – 2002

The whole idea of The New Puritan ReView was (more or less) to convey social commentary through a dissection of cultural artifacts, although I quickly found that the language of criticism had to be tailored for the particular brand of media being critiqued. An album review doesn’t “work” in the same manner as a film or book review, and so forth – The Medium Is The Massage, and all that. So, I had to come up with some snappy titles for individual sections, and when you consider that the name of the magazine itself was loosely cribbed from a song by The Fall, it made sense to do it again for the Op-Ed columns that would invariably rear their pointed little heads.

This was the kind of writing I really enjoyed – basically, something I would enjoy reading myself. I perceived the style itself as somewhat conversational, characterizing basic middle-American dialects of a gruff yet astute working class, with a penchant for looking at the bigger picture. It was also a style of writing that wasn’t able to be sandwiched in between the name droppings and the hipper-than-than thou testimonials a lot of other writers were submitting to the syndicated publications. I received a fair amount of feedback from bands and label reps about my words and ideas – mostly favorable; although a few local scene-sters and record-store clerks jeered at my “Creative Writing 101” approach to music journalism (I’m fairly certain that wasn’t meant as a compliment), and still others pointed out that I hadn’t told them whether or not to purchase the album I had reviewed.

Again, much of the material I’ve written has lost to the ravages of time, but until I’m done sorting through all the old floppy discs and faded printouts, here is a tiny smattering of what I’ve managed to salvage so far; for better or worse – you decide.