Pictures. Why do they need to say a thousand words?

If you want to say it with words, use words. Together, pictures and words can function as corroborative agents, or simply as varying accounts of a unique event. Here are some pictures… and some words. Each tell a different story. I know – I was there.

Take a look around, you never know what you might find.

Real people from real life.

Travel companions. People who make music you may or may not have heard. Old friends, whose memories live on.


Artifacts of existence. Art, or just something that happens. Maybe it’s all just in your head.


Everyone has a special place or two. I’ve lived in a few, others I’ve visited. Some are still here, some are long gone.

Through the looking glass, backwards.

Things I used to do. Places I used to go. Clothes I used to wear. People I used to be. We were all younger once.

Art scenes.

There is a thin line between industrial and organic structures. Georgia O’Keefe swore all she did was paint flowers. Are buildings created by architects or bricklayers?