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S.F. Weekly
San Francisco, CA

I stumbled across this hip little paper on one of my frequent trips to the Bay Area, and thought it would be fun to write for them, as I had plans to move there shortly after Y2K.

Unfortunately, this was right about the same time as the great dot-com crash, which hit the advertising sectors of this type of publication pretty hard, and even threatened to put my free-lance career in jeopardy for a while.

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I've included a few different versions of an article I wrote for S.F.Weekly - a review of Echo & The Bunnymen, on the eve of their big post-millenium reunion tour, and also celebrating the release of a lavish box set retrospective of their career. Each version is somewhat different, in order to illustrate the criteria set forth by different editors at the same publication. I thought this might be of interest to any budding writers, by providing a bit of insight into the writing process, although all of the editors' notes have been removed. I won't say which one made the final cut, however . . . Maybe you can guess, or pick a favorite of your own!

Here are a couple of pieces I contributed to S.F. Weekly:

The Beta Band

Echo & The Bunnymen #1

Echo & The Bunnymen #2

Echo & The Bunnymen #3

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