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Who needs a blog, when you can build your own web site?

Human beings have become obsessed with documenting their feelings, and then leaving them lying around where others can find them. Exhibitionism takes on a new twist; you give anyone and everyone permission to peer in your window, and you not only entertain them, you give them all a souveneir to take with them.

Admittedly, keeping a public journal is a cheap form of therapy, and a sure-fire deterrent for emotional blackmail. Really, if you're willing to parade your demons around in front of the entire world, who can ever hold a secret over your head? Kind of empowering, in a way. Go ahead, read my diaries. I dare you.

Personal letters, confessions of a marathon list-subscriber, and whatever I felt like getting off my chest ...

my other girlfriend is an ex-catholic (imaginary columns from the eve of the millenium)

... more to come...

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