The New Puritan ReView Papa Mali

Papa Mali
When The Levee Breaks
live at Harmony Park
at the 9th Big Wu Family Reunion
Clark's Grove, Minnesota
Sunday 28 May 2006

Levee is the classic Memphis Minnie tune. This particular track comes from a live recording I made of Papa Mali on a windy Sunday afternoon, at an outdoor music festival. The wind seems strangely appropriate, given the song being played, I think. I had heard Ben Ellman from Galactic play some blues harp on this song with him earlier in the year, and I wanted to try something like that, so I overdubbed a harmonica track onto the live recording. Maybe some day, I'll get to do it for real!

Papa Mali: guitar, vocal
Robbie Kidd: drums
J. Free: harmonica overdub

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When The Levee Breaks © 1929; Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie

Live audio and harmonica overdub recorded and mixed by J. Free

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The microphones used to record the live track were a set of Church Audio B-99A stereo omnidirectional (pro-binaural) mics; made in Canada by Chris Church, of Church Audio.

All of the music on this page was recorded with some of this G E A R.

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