Blue Cranes

[still from video by J. Free]

Blue Cranes /
Chamber Of Commerce

live at PCPA
in conjunction with the 2009 Portland Jazz Festival
Portland, OR
20 February 2009

One of my personal highlights of the 2009 PDX Jazz Festival was a rather ambitious assemblage within the atrium of the Portland Center for the Performing Arts; featuring the combined talents of two tremendously talented groups, Blue Cranes, and Paxselin Quartet. Not only "combined" in the sense that both bands shared the same bill, but also the monumental collaborative project in which both outfits performed together, as Chamber Of Commerce.

I was fortunate enough to be able to document this amazing evening of music, and presented here are selected video tracks from the Blue Cranes, and Chamber Of Commerce.

Regrettably, I missed the window for a video of Paxselin Quartet (I thought they were going to play one more song!), but hopefully, there will be more opportunities for that in the future. The good news is that Chamber of Commerce will be performing another rare set at the 2009 PDX Pop Now! festival – a free, all-ages event, which takes place July 24-26 at Rotture. Do yourself a favor, and do not miss this!!

Love Love Love © Wayne Horvitz; 2000
My Grandpa's Hands © Reed Wallsmith; 2009

Video and audio recorded and mixed by J. Free
[video captured with a Canon G9 digital camera]

Chamber Of Commerce:

Blue Cranes official band site

Paxselin Quartet official MySpace page

Portland Center for the Performing Arts official venue site

I should also like to mention that the microphones used to record these live tracks were a prototype set of CA-11 cardioid mics; also made in Canada by Chris Church, of Church Audio.

A selection of Chris' hand-built mics and pre-amps can be viewed at the Church Audio eBay Canada store.

All of the music on this page was recorded with some of this G E A R.

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