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Colt Vista
live at Holocene
Portland, Oregon
29 June 2008

I had recorded this group previously at Someday Lounge, and was asked to record this show at Holocene, so the audio mix could be digitally synched with a video being made of the set.

This was a good opportunity to try out my Church Audio custom-built 4-channel pre-amp in a different type of setting, which allowed me the ability to mix two omni binaural mics with two cardioids, in order to blend the stage mix with the ambiance of the room. If you like this music, I would definitely recommend buying their CD, and maybe stop by and visit them at their MySpace page.

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Colt Vista on MySpace

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on billionsnaresaka bandcamp

Colt Vista videos also on Vimeo

1st Monday; Pigeon Feeder; Dying To Work © Colt Vista

Filmed and edited by Martin Schoeneborn; audio recorded, mixed and mastered for video by J. Free.

I should also like to mention that the microphones used to record these live tracks were a prototype set of CA-11 cardioid mics; made in Canada by Chris Church, of Church Audio.

A selection of Chris' hand-built mics and pre-amps can beviewed at the Church Audio eBay Canada store.

All of the music on this page was recorded with some of this G E A R.

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