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Vol. 2: Drone Of The Dead [cassette album]

Vicki Jazz: keyboards, vocals
J. Free: vocals, guitar, bass, homemade synthesizer
Kimuel Hailey: drums
Micki Ellis: guitar

The second of two compilations documenting this curiously overlooked pop art band from Minneapolis.

The second of two post-humous compilations, drawn from the final line-up of the Hytones, featuring tracks recorded in their South Minneapolis rehearsal space; along with live performances from Seventh Street Entry, Goofy's Upper Deck, and The Whole Music Club.

cassette A-side:
1. Secrets
2. Theme From Dancing In The Dark / Thin Ice
3. WWIV ["In A Sense"]
4. Don't Talk To Strangers
5. Just One / Went
6. Fear Of Flying
7. Third World

8. Modern Art

cassette B-side:
9. Theme From Dancing In The Dark (#1)
10. Logistix
11. Thin Ice
12. China Girl [Iggy Pop / David Bowie]
13. Love Junkie [Phil Schuster]
14. Cut It Out / Fear Of Flying
15. Secrets

all tracks:
J. Free [Jeff Larkin]: vocals, guitar
Vicki Jazz [Vicki Jaskierski]: keyboards, vocals
Kimuel Hailey: drums
Micki Ellis [Michael Ellis]: guitar (1, 2, 7, 9, 14, 17)

1, 3, 7, 11, 12: recorded at the house of Vicki Jazz, 2 March 1982
2, 5, 10, 13, 15: recorded live at Goofy's Upper Deck, 24 April 1982
4, 6: recorded live at Seventh Street Entry, Mpls, MN 19 March 1982
8: recorded live at The Whole Music Club, University Of Minnesota, Mpls 5 March 1982
9: recorded at the house of Vicki Jazz, 2 June 1982
14: recorded at the house of Vicki Jazz, 8 June 1982

Secrets; WWIV; Don't Talk To Strangers; Just One / Went; Fear Of Flying; Modern Art; Logistix; Thin Ice; Cut It Out / Fear Of Flying: words / music: © J. Free, 1981

Theme from Dancing in the Dark: music: © Vicki Jazz, 1982; / J. Free; arr.: Vicki Jazz / J. Free

Third World: words / music: © J. Free, 1981; additional lyrics : © Vicki Jazz; 1981

China Girl: words / music: © Iggy Pop / David Bowie

Love Junkie: words / music: © Phil Schuster

24-bit/96kHz monaural transfer done in February and March 2016.

This sound recording © 1982; The Hytones

This sound recording was engineered, edited and mastered by J. Free.

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