Duffy's video still: Dancing In The Dark - J, Jim, Win

L to R: J. Free, Jim Meyer, Win Patrick
[still from video by Roger Rimnac]

Dancing In The Dark
version 2.0 - the trio

Live at Duffy's [concert video]

J. Free: vocals, guitar
Win Patrick: guitar, vocals
Jim Meyer: drums

Now for the first time, you too can be subjected to the giddy noise that took place in that room, over a quarter of a century ago. Funny, I was barely a quarter of a century old at the time! This just goes to show what a little attitude will do, even if the amount of talent involved is negotiable.

Selected highlights from
Dancing In The Dark
live at Duffy's in Minneapolis, MN
17 November 1982

*** These video clips are currently not available online, as I'm trying to find a suitable replacement for video hosting,
other than vimeo or youtube; neither of which are acceptable.
I'm open to suggestions; please get in touch if you have any ideas!! ***

The video cassette from which these clips are excerpted has remained in remarkable condition over the years (the tracking glitch that occurs at the start of "Cocktails..." is inherent in the video cassette). These are just the highlights, so there's no cussing, and we're relatively in tune most of the time. Thanks to Melne for adding some guitar to the Things That Fall Down theme; and many thanks to Roger Rimnac for bringing his video camera to the gig, and making this document possible. And of course, thanks to Curtiss A. for letting us open for him that night.

Cocktails After Six © Karen Masantz / Wendell Patrick; 1982
Metropolis © Wendell Patrick; 1982
Friends; Falling, Falling... © J. Free; 1982
Theme From Things That Fall Down © Things That Fall Down; 1982
Music To Spy By © Shawn Pike / Tim Mitchell / Wendell Patrick; 1982

Original video recorded by Roger Rimnac.
Analog-digital transfer & editing by J. Free

Video still:
Dancing In The Dark (L to R: J., Jim, Win)
Win Patrick
Jim Meyer
J. Free