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Borrowed Time photo by Sean Smuda

The Last Dance DVD cover
[still from video by Sean Smuda]

Borrowed Time
phase three:

The Last Dance / Live at The Whole [concert video]
10 February 1985

Melne Murphy:
guitar, vocals, bass, keys
J. Free:
vocals, guitar, keys, bass
Bill Wilson:
Ward Harper (aka idb):
bass, guitar, keys

I think we knew ahead of time that this was going to be the last show. As those those things go, it may have been our best one. We managed to represent a little bit of every phase of our development, including some songs each of us had created before this was even a band.

Borrowed Time
The Last Dance / The Complete Final Concert
live at The Whole Music Club in Minneapolis, MN
10 February 1985

*** These video clips are currently not available online, as I'm trying to find a suitable replacement for video hosting,
other than vimeo or youtube; neither of which are acceptable.
I'm open to suggestions; please get in touch if you have any ideas!! ***

Thanks to Michelle Strauss for booking us, and thanks to everyone who showed up and gave us a fond farewell.

words: J. Free; music and arrangements: Melne Muphy + Ward Harper, except:
Ascension; Aftermath based on original themes by Ward Harper; © 1981.
Streetwise: words & music © Melne Murphy; 1982.
Prisoner; Strangers: words & music © J. Free; 1982.
The Wrath of the Quails: music & arrangement © Borrowed Time; 1984.
Law Of The Land: based on an original theme + poem by Melne Murphy; additional lyrics by J. Free.

Original video recorded by Sean Smuda.
Original 4-track/soundboard audio mix by J. Free + Melne Murphy; 1985
3-source video/audio matrix; re-worked by J. Free.
Slide show projections: Nick Leonard.
Analog-digital transfer & editing by J. Free.

DVD menu photo of Borrowed Time © Sean Smuda; 1984