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J. Free with The 600

[original drawing of Ian Curtis
© Ward Harper / idb ; 1984]

I.C.B. [AKA Ian Clearly Breathes]

Melne Murphy:
guitar, vocals, bass, keys
J. Free:
vocals, guitar, keys, bass
Bill Wilson:
Ward Harper (aka idb):
bass, guitar, keys

One early project we put together as part of a cassette release was a tribute to the late Ian Curtis, of the band Joy Division. The title for this 10-song tape was I.C.B., which was itself the name of a song by the band which succeeded Joy Division - New Order. Ward suggested that the initials might stand for "Ian Clearly Breathes". This understated little cassette was recorded live in our practice space, on a boom-box, in two breakneck sessions, with only a few minor edits made to the tracks themselves.

We never sold a single copy, due to the material being copyrighted, but in the days of our cassette albums, we simply included it as bonus tracks on the B-side of one of our other releases. So, I know that one or two people out there might actually still own a copy - it even received some local press when it was released, something along the lines of how yet another local band had decided to "jump on the doom-and-gloom bandwagon". Ah, God bless music critics everywhere. The ironic thing about a criticism like that was that Ian Curtis' death - which, presumably, affected the impression many people formed of Joy Division - hadn't really made an impact on me at the time. On a personal level, I was responding to what I perceived as a profound, triumphant, energy in the music itself.


1. Komakino (3:51)
2. The Sound of Music (5:15)
3. The Only Mistake (4:29)
4. Shadowplay (3:30)
5. New Dawn Fades (5:55)
6. Transmission (3:29)
7. Dead Souls (4:55)
8. Digital (3:19)
9. Ceremony (3:19)
10. Decades (6:14)

UPDATE / 2007: In the spirit of the recent film about Ian Curtis - "Control", directed by the renowned photographer Anton Corbijn, I was inspired to dust off a copy of our humble tribute, and make them available through this site as downloadable .mp3s. As a bonus, I've included two additional tracks that were not on the original release: a 4-track version of "Atmosphere", which I recorded with a miniature Casio and some backing tapes, and a live version of "New Dawn Fades" from the Seventh Street Entry, circa 1983. Both of these tracks can also be found on the double-album-length compilation cassette "From The Forth World, vols. 1 + 2", which was released in 1985 on Borrowed Time's own Forth World Ltd. label.

UPDATE / 2014:
In the interests of not being sued - or at the very least, being served with one of those cease and desist type legal documents - I'm holding off on posting the Joy Division tracks until I can clear the rights for mechanical royalties, so I can legally host the tracks on Soundcloud. Sorry about that. They are definitely worth hearing, in my humble opinion, but I don't want to risk having my hosting pulled. Hopefully I can get this cleared up sooner than later, but for all my diligence, I'm coming up empty-handed with regards as to how to clear up licensing, etc. (anyone who has any serious advice on this, please get in touch!) Wish me luck.

all songs © 1979-1980; Fractured Music.
words & music by Ian Curtis / Joy Division.

Performed by Borrowed Time; 27 June & 1 July 1984.
Recorded, edited, and treated by J. Free.